Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

Entrepreneurship is regarded as one of the important determinants of the industrial growth of the country. The dearth of the entrepreneurial and managerial skill is one of the most common problems being faced by all under developed economies. Entrepreneurship is to promoted to help alleviate the unemployment problem, to overcome the problem of stagnation and to increase the competitiveness and growth of business and  industries. Various attempts have been made to promote and develop entrepreneurship. By giving specific assistance to improve the competence of the entrepreneur and his enterprise so as to make him and his entrepreneurial so that more people become entrepreneurs.

In order to meet the global demand and the new challenges thrown to the Indian industry and also to generate employment, entrepreneurship development has to be given a priority. The entrepreneurs should possess required skills, ability to grasp opportunities which offer economic advantages, orientation towards applying knowledge to maximize gains, business skills, and leadership qualities and above all confidence that one can make things happen. In this context a trained entrepreneur has a number of advantages. In order to accelerate the growth of industries generate employment and utilities the national human potential there is a need to channelise the youth and women of the country for useful and productive purpose. There is also a need to motivate the guide the youth to enable them to take a step forward and take up a carrier of self employment and setup a small or micro enterprise as an entrepreneur..

Against this backdrop the Centre for Entrepreneurship Developed has been recently conducted the following two EDP Programms.

EDP on 'CAD in Apparel and Pattern Making'
EDP on 'Computer Applications and Financial Accounting'